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Move to Canada in 2 weeks through the International Mobility Program


    Canada, the land of vast landscapes, multicultural cities, and unparalleled opportunities, is a prime destination for individuals seeking a high quality of life and career advancement.

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through the International Mobility Program (IMP), a fast-track method for achieving your Canadian dream in just two weeks.


    Understanding the International Mobility Program

    The International Mobility Program is a part of Canada’s immigration system, designed to address labor market needs and promote broader cultural and social benefits for Canada. Unlike many traditional pathways, the IMP allows foreign nationals to work in Canada without the need for an Employer-specific Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

    Eligibility Criteria for the International Mobility Program

    The IMP is not a one-size-fits-all program, meaning the eligibility requirements vary depending on the specific situation. Generally, to qualify for the IMP, one must:

    • Have a job offer from a Canadian employer,
    • Meet the job requirements,
    • Hold a valid passport or travel document,
    • Be admissible to Canada, and
    • Comply with the conditions of their work permit.

    How to Apply for the International Mobility Program

    The application process for the IMP involves several steps:

    1. Secure a job offer: Your prospective Canadian employer needs to submit an Offer of Employment through the Employer Portal. They must pay a compliance fee of CAD 230.
    2. Apply for a work permit: Once the employer has submitted the offer, you can apply for your work permit. This can be done online or via paper application.
    3. Biometrics and medical exam: In most cases, you will need to give biometrics and complete a medical examination.
    4. Application review and decision: Your application will be reviewed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If approved, your work permit will be issued.

    How to Expedite Your Application Process

    Under the Global Skills Strategy, eligible applicants can have their work permit applications processed in two weeks. To qualify for this fast-track processing, you must:

    • Have a job offer in a highly skilled position (National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0 or A),
    • Apply from outside Canada, and
    • Meet all the other standard eligibility and admissibility requirements.

    Living and Working in Canada

    Once your application has been approved, you’re ready to embark on your Canadian journey. There are various resources available to help you settle in, from provincial programs assisting with housing and job search to cultural associations helping new immigrants adjust to Canadian society.

    Extending Your Stay in Canada

    While the International Mobility Program is a temporary work permit program, it can be a stepping stone to permanent residency. Many IMP permit holders later apply for immigration programs such as the Canadian Experience Class or Provincial Nominee Programs.

    In conclusion, the International Mobility Program provides a fast and efficient route to working and living in Canada. With a streamlined application process and expedited processing for skilled workers, you could be on your way to Canada in just two weeks.