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Newcomers Support Programs


    Canada has several Newcomers Support Programs aimed at helping new immigrants settle in with ease. When immigrants are granted their permanent residency, they are very happy but quickly become tired due to the stress they encounter when coming into a new country with no familiar face to host them for a while.

    Hence, they are fagged out quickly. Whenever you enter a new environment, it will definitely take you a while to settle in, the same works for immigration. Upon immigrating to a new country, you will need to start thinking about accommodation, getting a job, opening up a bank account, etc.


    In fact, the rigorous process one would go through is quite challenging. Therefore, we recommend you look at these programs as they will really go a long way in helping you out so you can have a smooth landing.

    Features of Newcomer Programs

    Newcomer programs typically enroll students for a short period of time and then assist them in making the transition to a general education placement, to continue classes in English as a second language (ESL) or bilingual education, as needed.

    Entry and Placement Criteria

    Being a student with no prior schooling in Canada is the most common criterion for entrance into a newcomer program. Another criterion is the existence of referrals or
    recommendations from intake centers, home schools, principals, guidance counselors, teachers, or parents/guardians. It is important to remember that parents/guardians have the right to opt out of the newcomer’s services.

    Grade Levels Served

    The grade levels in newcomer programs vary based on the ages and needs of the
    arriving student population. Some districts offer newcomer programs for part of the school day with students participating in other educational programming for the remainder of the day.

    Newcomers Canada

    Newcomers Canada has a streamlined focus of helping immigrants discover work opportunities, network with potential employers and people of similar careers, as well as providing up-to-date information about living and working in Canada. The website also regularly features upcoming events that will be of utmost benefit to immigrants and visitors, while also regularly updating site users with available job opportunities, the location, and the qualification requirements.

    Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

    The LINC is another provider of Newcomers’ support programs in Canada. As a platform aiming at the welfare of Canadian newcomers, LINC provides a free language training program for adults and are found eligible.

    Founded by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the organization is being controlled by those who understand the processes and the challenges newcomers face in the country.

    The organization provides basic language skills in English for immigrants based in Ontario.

    There are full-time and part-time training options depending on your preference. For all those interested in the training, LINC will conduct a language assessment test, first of all, to decide which level training should start from.

    It should be noted that those who are just temporary residents, who are yet to be verified refugees, or who are Canadian citizens are not eligible for this training.

    Instruction and Assessment

    Newcomer programs provide specialized courses, distinct from the regular language support programs in the school or district (e.g. intensive English language and
    literacy development; specialized reading interventions and sheltered content area courses for students with limited formal schooling; cultural orientation to Canada and the school system; and more).

    Newcomers Services

    The newcomer services Canada offers vary from getting accommodation to getting a job and getting good schools for your kids if you came with them into Canada. Also, they help to file taxes, improve your language skills but they vary from province to province.

    • Education for Your Kids

    If you came into Canada with your children you will have to enroll them into good schools and you may need help to do so. If you don’t know where or how your child can attend school, check with a local newcomer service in your area. Here you can learn what documents you will need to register your child. If you already know the school your child will be attending, the school guidance counselor can assist in registering for classes and explaining school policies such as what is expected from students, parents, and teachers at the school.

    • Language Training

    With two official languages in Canada, there is no shortage of language training. Residents with a valid Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), permanent resident status, or citizenship may be eligible for government-funded language classes. The first step to signing up for language classes in Canada is to assess your language ability. You can do this both online before coming to Canada, at different newcomer service centers, and before enrollment in a government-funded language course.

    • Accommodation

    Location and apartment to stay in for the meantime is usually a hectic task. The first place you stay when arriving in Canada may be temporary, and that’s fine. A hostel, short-term apartment rental, or stay with friends can help you get to know the new city you’re in. Short-term rentals can also allow you to move to different neighborhoods, so if you find a job across town you can move closer to work if you would like.

    If you know where you would like to stay and are ready to commit to more long-term accommodation, make sure you are aware of all the housing costs involved. Keep in mind that housing prices vary throughout Canada.

    Centre for Newcomers (CFN)

    The center for newcomers’ targets immigrants and refugees who have found their way to Canada, helping them integrate faster with locals while they provide services that will make blending in a smooth one. The organization readily expresses its openness to diverse cultures and backgrounds and its willingness to help visitors fulfill their goal of becoming Canadian citizens.


    Newcomers’ Club of Greater Victoria

    Organized by women for fellow women, the Newcomers’ Club focuses on creating a welcoming environment for women who have recently moved into the nation. The club features activities that are based on the preferences and interests of the different members. Members, therefore, can interact and network with like minds in a setting that is devoid of racism, gender discrimination, and body shaming.